What's New?

EU Service & Distribution Center

eu-center-thumbOur EU Service & Distribution Center is strategically located near major aerospace, industrial and manufacturing hubs so that technical expertise and security of supply are never out of reach for our customers. Our value-added services such as water-jet cutting, kitting, and supply chain management maximize your throughput and efficiency. We also have the largest off-the-shelf titanium supply in the world, and with our just-in-time delivery, you can always have the right products at the right time.

TIMET Powder Metals, LLC

powder-thumbTIMET´s new PREP® powder metals capabilities enable the production of high-density, high-performance structural parts. The use of powder metals consumes less energy, produces less waste, and reduces the number of steps in the fabrication process. In addition, aerospace and medical components with unique characteristics can be more easily fabricated using powder metals than with conventional techniques.

TIMET  UK Technical Center

eu-center-man-thumbDuring 2013, TIMET UK will be relocating its laboratories to a new technical center adjacent to the current operations facilities in Birmingham. In addition to the new laboratory facilities, the technical center will include a new operations facility that is focused on implementing the next generation of production technologies. The center will include specialty melting capabilities for emerging classes of titanium alloys such as Gamma Titanium Aluminides.

Gamma Titanium Aluminides

gamma-blades-thumbThis class of alloys with high-temperature oxidation resistance and improved specific properties at elevated temperatures holds the potential to replace certain nickel-based super-alloy components in aircraft engines. For example, they allow the manufacture of low pressure turbine blades at half the weight of conventional super-alloy components. Lighter, cleaner, and more fuel efficient engines produced with gamma aluminides increase the performance potential of next-generation aircraft