TIMET is Experienced


Stake your business on the company that’s led the industry for over 60 years

Around the world, TIMET is the name synonymous with quality titanium products.  We have led the way in the development of titanium (see timeline) for over 60 years.  As a result, TIMET has established long term relationships as both supplier and technical partner with most of the major titanium consumers.  You'll find TIMET involved with the major programs around the world such as desalination in the Middle East, PTA plants in India, Major new military and commercial engine and structural programs, and renewable energy to name a few.

Simply put, customers trust TIMET to do titanium right.

TIMET is Flexible


TIMET is adapting to meet the needs of your supply chain

Our customers are demanding.  They are constantly looking for ways to improve the cost and velocity of their supply chains.  TIMET is committed to offering products and services that meet these changing demands.  Through our global manufacturing base, broad product line and qualifications, strategic partnerships, and network of service centers, distributor partners and agents, we can work with you on every aspect of supply.  Particularly services such as part supply management, inventory stocking programs, machine ready parts, scrap recovery, and kitting.

With TIMET as your supply partner, the possibilities are boundless.

TIMET is Innovative


Develop business with the company that leads the world in titanium technology

TIMET is focused on developing cutting-edge technology to advance the boundaries of what is possible in titanium extraction, alloy development, near-net shape, integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) and other process technologies that enhance the aerospace, military and industrial markets.  A noteworthy example is our patented melt technologies, which provide TIMET a competitive advantage in the marketplace and have made TIMET the global leader in scrap recycling as well as the supplier of choice for melted products.

TIMET maintains the largest dedicated research staff in the world focused solely on advancing titanium technology in cooperation with our customers and partner companies.

TIMET is Reliable


TIMET takes the variability out of your supply chain

In today’s lean manufacturing environment customers demand consistency and reliability.  At TIMET we understand the complexities of the titanium supply chain and we have a proven track record supplying world class customers such as Boeing, General Electric, GKN, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, Rolls Royce, SAFRAN, United Technologies and Valtimet to name a few.  TIMET's fully integrated mill product supply chain with strategic inventory and redundant local and global manufacturing capabilities help ensure that TIMET products will arrive on time according to your specification. 

At TIMET we take the variability out of supply so you can focus on growing your business.