Timet Melt Operations

Toll Melting

Toll melting programs provide customers a cost-effective outlet for the scrap they generate.

TIMET Toll Melting

TIMET offers toll melting services for customer-supplied scrap.

We will process the material and mix it with other scrap and/or alloy to meet your specifications.

Leveraging advanced electron beam (EB) melting and vacuum arc remelting (VAR), we turn titanium scrap into melted products or intermediate feedstock for both our internal mill production processes and our valued customers around the world. TIMET’s toll melting programs provide customers yet another cost-effective outlet for the scrap they generate.

Our customers benefit from exclusive, closed-loop agreements to ensure their raw material scrap flows back into their products to further minimize costs.

Our advanced electron beam technology allows most forms of scrap to be remelted while ensuring defect free material to be shipped right back into your supply chain.

Contact your local sales office to get more information on this valuable program.