TIMET Capabilities

Global Manufacturing

TIMET developed or co-developed most titanium alloys in use today, and continues to innovate to meet changing customer needs.

From traditional discrete mill products to customized near-net shapes to kits with finished components ready for the assembly line, TIMET delivers. TIMET is the only titanium manufacturer with mill production strategically located around the world.We have broad product line capability and strategic qualifications at locations in North America, United Kingdom, and France.


Global Supply Focus

TIMET's global supply focus enables us to quickly move products using qualified raw material and routings that meet stringent customer requirements. Our plants are certified in international safety and quality standards and strictly follow lean initiatives.


Integrated Supply Chain

TIMET operates a fully integrated supply chain from raw material through mill product. TIMET independently manufactures 99.9% pure titanium sponge at our Henderson facility that is suitable for all grades of titanium. 

Advanced Electron Beam Technology

TIMET optimizes raw material usage by employing advanced electron beam (EB) technology to remove defects and incorporate almost all forms of recycled scrap.

TIMET provides production and value added services around the world including a complete range of mill product shapes and finishes provided in cut sizes ready for machining, forging or fabrication. TIMET also has the ability to supply engineered parts as required to further support our customers first order operations.

TIMET Manufacturing Plants & Technical Labs

TIMET manufacturing plants are supported by the most advanced analytical equipment and experienced metallurgical scientists.

Our technical labs in North America and Europe employ scientists specializing in titanium. These laboratories have been responsible for developing and enhancing many of the alloys and critical technologies used by the titanium industry today.

Combined, TIMET’s global manufacturing footprint comprises the most extensive dedicated titanium research and development facilities in the world.

TIMET Technical Labs

TIMET Global Manufacturing Operations

Explore our Melt and Milling Operations

Melt Operations

Melt Operations

Our advanced technology allows most forms of scrap to be remelted while ensuring defect free material to be shipped back into your supply chain.

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Mill Operations

Mill Operations

TIMET offers a complete range of mill product shapes and finishes provided in cut sizes ready for machining, forging or fabrication.

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