Timet Services

Value Added Services

In addition to offering a complete range of mill products, TIMET offers value-added services and custom products.

TIMET Service Center

Commonly stocked sizes of Service Center inventory by product family:

Water Cut Jetting

Multi-head, large-bed water jet machines located in TIMET's U.S. and European service centers produce product in near-net shapes to dramatically reduce raw material and machining costs. Capabilities to a 96" x 288" (2.4 m x 7.3 m) cutting envelope, up to 4" (100mm) thick with cut tolerances as tight as 0.030" (.76 mm).


Extensive saw cutting capacity with plate saws for product sizes up to 240" (6 m) long and cut-off saws for product sizes up to 20" (508 mm) diameter or cross-section. Typical cut tolerance of 0.125" (3.18 mm).


Next-day service for sheared parts with capacity up to 0.160" (4 mm) thick x 144" (3658 mm) wide and cut tolerances as tight as 0.030" (.76 mm).

Coil Cutting to Length & Slitting

Give TIMET your finished part size and quantity, and we'll customize your sheet size to reduce waste and raw material costs.

Machine/Billet Prep

Let TIMET handle your non-critical three-axis machining, allowing you to focus on your high-value core competencies.


TIMET's network of qualified machine shop partners supports your needs for finished machined parts, ready for assembly.

Laser Cutting

Buy near-net shapes to reduce material costs and extra operations. Thickness up to 0.125" (1.2 mm) with tolerances of +/-0.005" (.13 mm).


TIMET offers both hot and cold forming of sheet and plate.

Precision Grinding

All service centers offer flat-roll product with tolerances as tight as +/0.001" (.03 mm).

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