TIMET is the world leader in the production of titanium armor products for use in military ground vehicle applications supplying 80% of the world’s titanium armor needs.

Protecting our armed forces is something TIMET takes very seriously.

TIMET was founded to produce aerospace grades for the U.S. military, and has continued supplying innovative alloys for high performance aircraft.TIMET titanium is also used for passive and reactive armor defense markets. Over the years, TIMET has worked closely with the defense industry to substitute titanium in place of heavier, inflexible steel armor.

TIMET products are used in:

  • Fighter aircraft & engines
  • Military helicopters
  • Ground vehicle armor
  • Military transports
  • Body armor
  • Naval vessels: submarines, battleships, aircraft carriers
Sea Stallion

Defense Markets Served

TIMET products are used in the following defense markets


TIMET was founded in 1950 to support the military's development of high-performing aircraft.

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Ground & Naval
Ground & Naval

The majority of titanium used in military armor comes from TIMET.

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