TIMET was founded in 1950 to support development of high-performing military aircraft.

TIMET Aerospace

Titanium contributed significantly to the transformation to supersonic jets with enormous payload capacities, able to fly long distances at high altitudes. For the past half-century, continual advances in titanium technology have enabled breakthroughs in aircraft design and manufacturing.

Titanium remains an essential material in high-performance jet engines and airframes. TIMET has played an integral role in making today’s high-thrust engines possible through alloys with elevated fatigue strength, creep resistance and high thermal strength. TIMET alloys are used extensively in the fan and compressor sections of today’s most advanced military engines.

Military airframes require a much higher percentage of titanium than commercial planes because of their extreme dynamic and static loads. Design requirements and advances like superplastic forming, diffusion bonding, casting and electron beam welding are increasing the number of applications.

Developing for the Future

Tomorrow’s military aircraft will rely even more on advanced materials. TIMET is working with leading OEMs to develop and test technologies for the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which will play an ever-increasing role in the military’s arsenal. TIMET’s innovative titanium technologies will play a significant role in aircraft performance capabilities, whether manned or unmanned.