In renewable energy and traditional power generation applications, titanium provides material advantages over traditional alloys based on nickel and copper.

TIMET Energy Markets

Titanium’s resistance to corrosion enables products to perform reliably for decades. In fact, with titanium, design engineers can specify a zero corrosion rate in seawater.

In power generating plants, where seawater, chlorinated water or brackish water is used as the cooling medium, TIMET titanium is used for thin-wall condenser tubing and comes with a 40-year warranty against failure under proper conditions.

Titanium alloys are also solving difficult challenges in many geothermal applications where no other materials can withstand the severe conditions. Large diameter titanium alloy pipe conducts hot corrosive, concentrated brine from deep underground, providing a significant renewable energy resource. Work to identify and develop other titanium applications in the renewable energy sector continues, including wind and offshore environments requiring corrosion resistance and high strength.